My name is Serge Bennathan.

I am a choreographer and since I was 6 years old, dance has been my life. My professional career started at age 18 when I joined Les Ballets de Marseille, France. Since then, I offer to dance all that I possess, physically and spiritually, and in return dance has been very generous with me. Because of dance, I believe in Spirit and because of dance I believe in Ghosts.

In my Tree of Life, dance is the trunk, thick and strong. The branches represent what I have discovered and what dance has introduced me to; it’s in and amongst these branches that I encountered painting.

I started to draw and paint during my choreographic researches, to explore creatively in a different stratum  what I was trying to expose physically in dance. Slowly this branch of the tree grew, becoming an expression of my thoughts totally independent of dance.

Through my paintings, I am a storyteller trying to reflect a profound desire for poetry, the poetry of the human soul, its dreams, hopes, imagination and humour. I deeply believe in the healing potential of my paintings, they speak to our imagination and, through it, reconnect us with the beliefs of our beginnings.